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06/09/2013 by Bryan Trousse

Home security is now more important than ever with crime on the rise and criminals targeting homes and offices with easily accessible locks. The majority of break ins happen when windows and doors and not adequately secure or when locks are old and out of date. Check out our top tips below for more information on how you can prevent being the victim of a break in. 

top tips on how to secure your home against burgularies

If you planning to leave your property unattended for a period of time, it make sense to have it secured and this is not the time to scrimp on low cost, poorly constructed locks, window locks, padlocks or gate locks. Get a neighbour or relative to check on your property while you are away and use timers to set lights to come on periodically. Don’t advertise the fact that the property is vacant by shutting curtains or drapes and prevent unwanted visitors by visually displaying your security systems signs on gates and windows. Dont become a victim – prevention is better than the cure! for more informaiton on how to properly secure your home, call us today on 021 300 7750

Bryan Trousse

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